South Park vs Facebook

Last night’s South Park was all about Stan getting sucked into Facebook. Haha, I couldn’t agree more with Stan. Also the Tron references were great. I’ve tried to get into Facebook, but I can’t do it. It’s just too lame. Thankfully in 6 months everyone will be on Friendster or some other lame site. I’m sure I’ll make a profile for those sites that I’ll never update or go on either. P.S. If your reading this please visit my Facebook farm and fertilize my crops. Please!!


Major Tom

I’m doing a stop motion project for school and I’m thinking about doing it on the fictional character ┬áMajor Tom. I didn’t realize that Peter Schilling’s Major Tom was the same character that David Bowie created for his songs. So I have a really good idea, but we will see how it all comes together.

Worm Bin

I started making my own worm castings this year. It’s a lot of fun plus I can’t think of anything better for your plants than fresh worm castings. Before I add the worm casting to my planting mix I screen the compost through 1/4″ screen. Here are a couple of pictures of my bin and of the compost inside. Read the rest of this entry »